The Parent’s Role in Catholic Education

The Church has always considered the parents as the primary teachers of their children in the ways of faith.  We support and aid the parents in their role as “religious educators.”  This role was spelled out clearly to parents when they participated in the baptismal ceremony of their children and pledged “to accept the responsibility of training them in the practice of the faith and bring them up to keep God’s commandments as Christ taught us, loving God and our neighbor.”  We, the church, aid parents in the role, since we are the deposit of our faith and the pattern from which we learn how to develop and strengthen our relationship with the Lord.

It is for this reason that we include a list of faith expectations for families whose children attend our Catholic Elementary School.  Catholic Parents are responsible for:

  1. Living the Catholic faith and training their children to live in this faith.
  2. Participating as a family in weekly Sunday Mass at our parish of Saint Margaret Mary.
  3. Participating in regular family prayers and family discussions on our Catholic way of living.
  4. Participating in the celebration of the sacrament of Reconciliation several times during the year, in addition to the time the children participate in this sacrament during school time.
  5. Giving generously of their time, talent and treasure to the church and her ministries in the spirit of our obligation of Catholic Stewardship.
  6. Participating in the parish programs for sacramental preparation and other educational programs required by the school or parish.

The parish and school thank you for your sacrifice to provide the Catholic Education for your children and we know that working together we can provide the church with the next generation of disciples who will carry on the work of Christ and bring about His kingdom.