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Tech Talk & Important Information

Good Morning!

Thank you to all of those that were able to attend our Tech Talk last night.  We are so impressed and proud of our 8th grade Project B3 students who offered to be a panel to discuss things with parents about screen time, use of devices-social media and apps, parental restrictions and more.  I can definitely say they were open, honest and informative!

Things We Learned:

1).  Our students are essentially smarter than we are.  For every parental control program or app, restriction or screen time set….they know how to work around it.
2).  They feel anxiety over things like grades, disappointing parents, social media-whether someone likes their posts or comments, what people are doing or wearing, and what they themselves look like in pictures.
3).  Making eye contact is difficult for most and they would prefer to talk through a device or find they bury their face in their device in uncomfortable situations
4).  They wish their own parents would stay off their devices too-saying they feel parents are on social media or answering emails, or texting too much
5).  Parents and students all agreed that they all wish they had more face to face interaction and quality family time without devices
6).  They all admitted that despite having a “bedtime” they find ways to be on their devices, for some, until 12:00-1:00 a.m.
7).  Some base their worth on the success of their posts or comments and feel as if they are constantly being judged

If you haven’t been to one of our Tech Talks, please join us next time!  Our talks are for parents with students of all ages and we hope to continue providing information, having discussions, and keeping our children safe together!

I am attaching a little presentation of information about apps that you may want to be concerned about.


Thank you again!
Nikole Burke
Technology Integrated Specialist
Saint Margaret Mary Catholic School