School Staff


Administration & Teachers

Our teachers do an excellent job of building up our students’ academic skills throughout their grade school years. This year’s 8th grade class ranked in the top 6% as compared to other schools.

Teachers at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School are certified in the State of Illinois and we are a state accredited school. The average years of teacher teaching experience is 16 years.

NOTE: To contact our staff members via email, please use their first initial + last name then For example, John Doe’s email would be


Principal Mrs. Brenna O’Hearn
Office Manager Mrs. Clare Narusis
School Secretary Mrs. Colleen Piefer
Pre-School 3/4 Mrs. Deb Stachowski
Kindergarten Mrs. Denise Benner
Grade 1A Mrs. Sharon McKewen
Grade 2A Mrs. Erin Van Der Bosch
Grade 3A Mrs. Aimee Dever
Grade 4A Mrs. Peggy Orabutt
Grade 5A Ms Jessica Rozynek
Grade 6A and Middle School Literature Miss Annette Palazzolo
Grade 7A and Middle School Social Studies Mrs. Janet Peterson
Grade 8A Mrs. Karen Ferguson
Middle School Science and Technology Mrs. Cindy Straeten
Middle School Math and Music Mrs. Chrissy Retzer
Primary Aide, B/A Assistant Mrs. Sara Rivera
B/A Care Director, Aide Mrs. Cheryl Hagen
Primary Aide Mrs. Kathy Lewis
Academic Support Mrs. Sue Tarter
Librarian Mrs. Sue Tarter
Physical Education Mrs. Ewa Aniolkowski