School News & Events

Ribbon Day/ School Parade/ Theme Week

Ribbon Ceremony/ Family School Parade: 

The Ribbon Ceremony and Family School Parade will be on Friday, May 1st starting with the Ribbon Ceremony at 1:30 p.m. and the parade immediately after.
Below is a list of things you should know about this special event.

  •  The Ribbon Ceremony begins at 1:30 p.m. in the west parking lot. 8th grade families will line up in the drop-off line; cars can be in any order and do not need to come in ABC order. Please pull up to the cone.
  • Families that are coming to cheer on and support our 8th grade students should park in the west parking lot. You will park like you would during dismissal.
  • After all the 8th grade students receive their ribbons, we will begin the family school parade. A dismissal flag will be waved to signal the start of the parade. If you are only coming for the parade, we ask that you enter from Hubbard (by the church). You will follow the drop off route and pass by the west doors. We are asking parents to turn right and pass in front of the building and exit by turning right onto Eastgate Drive. Please do not make a left hand turn when leaving the parking lot.
  • Please do not exit your cars during the parade or call teachers over to your car . We want all participants to be safe and celebrate STMM from a safe distance.
  • We encourage our families to decorate their cars or make signs to show their support for their teachers and STMM pride.