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Return to school – November 30

As we plan our return from Thanksgiving break, tomorrow, we need to work together as one community. We are asking families to consider remaining in remote learning for the ten days following Thanksgiving Break (November 30 – December 9) if your family traveled or attended family get-togethers with people outside your own home or immediate family. Asking families to consider remote learning is not a mandate or requirement; however, this is a way for us to be proactive in the outside spread of COVID-19. We are merely asking you to consider this to help slow the spread so STMM can provide in-class instruction. If we have an increase in COVID-19 at STMM after the Thanksgiving Break, we may need to transition into remote learning for the health and safety of our school community.

Please note – if your child exhibits any Covid-like symptoms he/she will need to remain out of school until 1)he/she is seen by a doctor and given an alternative diagnosis 2) negative Covid test results 3) 14-day quarantine. All siblings will need to remain home as well.

In Faith,

Brenna O’Hearn
Principal – STMM