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Heart of the School Award

Heart of the School Award:  

Last year we began a new tradition in our school – The Heart of the School Award.  Mrs. Mobeck was the recipiant of the 2019 Heart of the School Award.  While our teachers and staff members do not seek out recognition, it is important that we celebrate their tremendous work and dedication to our students.  Our teachers, administrators, and staff members are the heart of our school.

This is our opportunity to give them that recognition.

Who Can Be Nominated:
Any current teacher, administrator, or staff member who works at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School can be nominated for a Heart of the School Award.

Who Can Nominate:  
Nominations can be submitted by any person at the school (e.g. teacher, staff member, administrator, parent, volunteer, student, etc.).

Nomination Process:  
Heart of the School Nomination Link
First-round nominations are submitted through Google Forms (See link above).  These nominations are due by May 13, 2020.

The top nominations will be sent to all staff members, parents, and students for the final selection.  The final vote is due by May  20, 2020.

The winner of the Heart of the School will be announced on the last day of school (Friday, May 29, 2020).

In Faith,

Brenna O’Hearn
Principal – STMM