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Final countdown for Orange Ruler

Dear STMM Families,

Thank you all for your incredible support for our big spring fundraiser, the Orange Ruler Fun Run! You, your families and your friends are helping us invest in very important items for our school such as education expenses not covered through tuition as well as the Athletic Department equipment and uniforms.

Here are some key highlights for you: Last chance to Help by Registering, Donating and Sending Invites – Please go to today to help your children, their class and our school – it only takes a few minutes to make such a positive impact!

Turn-in Day Tomorrow (Thursday) – Orange Ruler Envelopes to School in Morning – Please ensure that your child/ren brings in their envelope with any offline check and cash donations to the school tomorrow morning.

Class Standings Finalized Tomorrow (Thursday) night at 11:59:59 PM – This is when the class standings for all the fun team-based experiences for the classes like the Great Pig Race, Top Class, Kona Ice parties, etc. will be finalized. Fun Run Day Friday – We are all excited about the big FUN RUN (times listed below).

To help celebrate our success with Orange Ruler, if your child or children have some ORANGE clothing, etc, if they could please wear it, that would be appreciated so as to help make the experience even more fun and community-focused!

And of course, please come on out, you’re invited to help cheer them on. Fun Run Times (please also be on look out for alternative schedule if weather requires) 1:00-1:30 – 5th – 8th 1:30-2:00 – PS – 4th 2:00-2:30 – Top 5 Classes Pig Race (All classes watch) Thanks again – it has been very enjoyable to see our strong community come together and not only have a big success financially but also enjoy many shared fun and memorable experiences. We hope to see you at the Fun Run and thanks again, your invaluable support is greatly appreciated!

In Faith,
Brenna O’Hearn
Principal – STMM