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Kids Heart Challenge – Update

Dear Parents,
I hope your kids are really enjoying the fun activities we’re doing in school right now. Kids Heart Challenge engages elementary and middle school students with jumping rope, playing basketball games, and doing conditioning workouts while empowering them to improve their health and helping kids with heart-health issues.
We are working very hard! Many of our students challenge themselves by:

– trying to stay active for 60 minutes a day

– avoiding sugary drinks (choosing water)

– avoiding salt

– eating more fruits and vegetables.

– helping each other

More and more students are joining our Jump Clubs.

1-minute jump club has 50 members.

2-minutes jump club has 8 members

3-minutes jump club has 17 members.

We will keep up our hard work in the gym, and on your end, I ask you to encourage your kids to stay active and eat healthy because exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure and helps them to live healthy, happy lives.

Also, if 50% of the students in our entire school register online (parents will help them create an account and take a challenge). The school will receive a $300 US Game Gift Certificate. We could really use this money for new equipment in the gym.

Please support our school and sign up!

As of today, we raised $1,300.00. I am incredibly grateful to all the students who already are spreading health messages and raising money for The American Heart Association. Every gift will support research, education and will be reaching kids with special hearts.

There is still plenty of time to just register or register and raise money.

The class that will have the most students register on line by March 15 will earn extra recess in the gym.

Week of March 18th will be our celebration week with the jump rope and hoops stations and some fun games:

Extra PE class for grades K-5

Dress like a PE teacher for the class with highest registration – grades 6th-8th

Assembly with jump rope competition for all students, knockout competition for 6th-8 th , and Silly String Challenge for top 25 fundraisers, they will use silly strings to make their teacher (that is me) colorful. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you so much for all your support.

Mrs. AP.S.

Please Register 😊