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Arrival Procedures – PLEASE READ

Dear St. Margaret Mary Families,

First, thank you for being understanding as everyone gets into the routine of arriving at school.  I know that there have been several adjustments this year with the new arrival time so I would like to take this opportunity to address some concerns and review the procedures. Please note that the procedures of arrival have not changed, the only changes this year was the drop-off time.

Arrival Procedures:  

  •  The WEST doors are open at 8:40 and close at 8:55. Students may be dropped off through the car line or the west parking lot.

Drop off /car line –

  • The car line is open between 8:40 and 8:55. All vehicles must pull all the way forward to the stop sign and unload between the yellow markings on the sidewalk. DO NOT stop in the crosswalk.  Students being dropped off in the car line MUST exit on the east side – sidewalk side of the vehicle.
  • Parents are not to exit their vehicles and students should be able to exit the car independently.  Drop off in the car line is a quick drop off.
  • Watch the crossing guard for directions.
  • There is no parking in the spots in the car line area.

West Paring lot –

  • The west parking lot is available for parents who wish to park and walk their child up to the west doors for arrival.
  • Vehicles are not to pull up and drop off students in the aisle ways, in the crosswalk or pull up to the stairs.  Parents are required to park in a spot and walk their child(ren) to the stairs or doors.  As a reminder that this is a parking lot with moving vehicles.  Please take extra precautions when walking students or moving your vehicle in the lot.
  • When in the parking lot, please be aware that running through the center of the parking lot is a crosswalk used by students and parents.

Please note there is no supervision of students prior to 8:40. Students should not be left unattended at the west doors.  We do offer before care for students who need to arrive prior to the 8:40 bell.  This is to ensure the safety and supervision of all the students.

Also, cell phones should not be in use when driving on school property. 

For the first several weeks we will have additional staff outside to assist with arrival procedures.

As always, if you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me directly.

In Faith,
Brenna O’Hearn
Principal – STMM