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School News & Events

Principal Notes – 9/14/18

The weather has been beautiful, and students are really getting into the routine of school.

Below are some reminders and dates coming up.

Pick-up – Please note if you are picking up your child early at any time, do so before 3:10. There will be no dismissals to the office after 3:10. At this time, the school busses are arriving, and students are moving from their classrooms. Students will be dismissed at 3:15 and will follow their normal dismissal routes. As a reminder that students leaving before the bell will have a partial absence for the day.

Also, Students not picked up by 3:30 will be sent to after care. The drop-in charge for after care is $30. This will be applied to your facts account.

School Safety Drills – We have practiced both a fire drill and a school lock down since the start of the year. These drills help the students and teachers know exactly what to do during an emergency. We will practice several more fire/tornado and school lock down drills throughout the year.

IOWA Testing – On Monday, September 17 students in grades 3-8 will begin IOWA testing. Additional information was sent today about the week of testing. As a reminder, students who arrive late will not be permitted into the test until there is a break in testing. Also, if picking up students early from school, parents will need to wait until the test is over. We are unable to disturb tests in progress.

Picture Day – On Monday, September 17 we will have picture day. Students should be addressed appropriately for school. Please be sure to follow the guidelines found in the Student/Parent Handbook.

Mid-Quarter – Can you believe it? Are are almost half way through the first quarter. On Wednesday, September 19, grades (grades 3-8) will be posted for the mid-quarter on School Speak. Please review your child’s grades on Wednesday and contact the teachers if you have any questions or concerns.

Virtues in Action – Lat year we began a program that focused on living out the virtues. Throughout the month of September STMM will emphasize the virtue of FAITH.

Dine and Share – In a few short weeks we will have our first Dine and Share at Buffalo Wild Wings on Wednesday, September 26. Be sure to check the Brown Envelope and your email for more information.

Important Dates:

Monday 9/17
Picture Day
IOWA testing

Tuesday 9/18
IOWA Testing
Children of the Rosary @ 8:00
Athletics Mtg @ 6:00
Home and School Mtg @ 7:00

Wednesday 9/19 –
MID – QUARTER Check School Speak for mid-quarter grades (3 rd – 8 th grade)
IOWA Testing
Spanish Class Begins

Friday 9/21
Mass @ 9:15
IOWA Testing
Oktoberfest Set-up (Volunteer on School Speak)

Saturday 9/22
Oktoberfest (Volunteer on School Speak)

Sunday 9/23
Oktoberfest (Volunteer on School Speak)

Monday 9/24
IOWA testing

Tuesday 9/25
Buffalo Wild Wings Dine and Share

Wednesday 9/26
Spirit Wear

Have a wonderful weekend!
Brenna O’Hearn